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Step 1: Provide details of your assignment

Fill out the order form with the details of your academic writing assignment. Make sure you include the number of pages, academic level and choose your academic writing style. You can also upload any document you have. You will get a more accurate the custom paper if you provide us with detailed information. Set a deadline in which you want your paper delivered

Step 2: Make payment

After filling the order form, the next step is to make the payment and send the assignment to us. Our ordering system has an in-built calculator which calculates the total price for your order. It calculates the total price based on the number of pages for your academic writing task, your academic level, academic writing style and urgency. We accept PayPal payments at the moment.

Step 3: Track your order

We will cho0se the most suitable writer for your paper. You can manage your order directly from your client’s account. The writer will do your academic writing assignment as per your instructions and guidelines, and deliver a quality paper within the deadline you specified.

Step 4: Download and review the paper

We will send you an email notifying you that your custom paper is ready. Please note that we don’t send files by email. You need to login to your client’s account to download and review the paper. You will get your custom paper under “completed orders” section. Download and review the paper. If you are not satisfied, ask for amendments.


  1. Type of paper
  2. Certain custom papers such as dissertations and thesis cost a little bit more because they take time to write. They are also difficult to write.

  3. Academic level
  4. The amount you will pay for your order also varies depending on your academic level. For instance, PhD level assignments cost a little bit more compared to undergraduate level assignments.

  5. Number of pages
  6. The number of pages for your assignment also determines the total amount you will pay. The more pages you want the more it will cost you.

  7. Urgency
  8. Your assignment deadline also determines the cost of your order. For instance, academic writing assignments with short deadlines always attract higher fees.


How does it work?

Our support team here at process refund requests from clients on a case-by-case basis. You will get a full refund if your paper was poorly written, plagiarized or you received your paper late. Please note that we may require proof that the paper you received from one of our writers was indeed plagiarized or poorly written. If you want a refund due to a low grade, you need to provide us with a copy of your transcript. If you need a refund due to plagiarism, you will need to provide us with a plagiarism report. Once we receive your refund request plus together with evidence, we will immediately start the investigation and return your money if your request is approved.

How do I send a refund request?

You can submit your refund request directly to our support team. You can chat with our customer support team through our live chat feature, call us or send an email. Ensure you have your order number for the paper in question when you contact our support team.

What is the refund period?

The refund period begins on the date of the order deadline and expires on the last day of the Refund Period. If you are not satisfied with the paper you received for any reason, you have up to five business days to request a refund. We don’t process refund requests sent after the refund period.

When am I eligible to get a 100% refund?

  • • If you cancel an order that has not been assigned to any writer.

  • • When you accidentally submit payment for the same order twice.

  • • If you submit payment for two or more identical orders

  • • If you receive your paper after the deadline you set when placing your order.

  • • If we confirm that the paper was indeed poorly written

  • • If we confirm that the paper was indeed plagiarized

Are there any cases when there is no refund?

  1. In case you receive your custom paper before the deadline you set, will not be responsible if you fail to download the paper on time

  2. If you received a low score in the course you are pursuing, our academic writing service consider it a subjective notion

  3. If you are caught using our academic writing service by your institution

  4. If you complain that you received a plagiarized paper but you fail to provide us with the evidence

  5. If you complain that you were not satisfied with your paper but you don’t have a valid reason to substantiate your claim, you will not receive a full refund

  6. In case we miss your deadline slightly, our refund policy does not oblige you to pay us fully, it is upon you to decide whether to fully pay us or not.

  7. Expiry of refund dates: Our refund period is within five days of receiving your custom paper. If you fail to request a refund within those five days, you are not eligible for a refund thereafter.

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